Do You Want to Have the Best Camping Trip

camping trip
If you want to get a very happy and wonderful camping trip, firstly, let’s organize and make a plan about the camping trip depending on your available condition as well as your creating ideas to appeal people to take part in it. It is not easy to control your team and make this camping trip really funny, so you have to make a best plan. And, of course, click here to visit my blog and find out yourself the suitable Fox Outfitters Hammock. We will provide you some tips through this following post.
  • Determine the really suitable and enjoyable place for your camping trip.
  • List the names of people who will join the camping trip and calculate the nearly exactly amount of them.
  • Check the available budget you have for serving for the picnic, to identify what you select in the camping to be suitable with your pocket that time. In the case that you think the budget may be not enough, you should ask people to support more.
  • You also need to prepare the plan of some activities like: games, sports, lotteries and contests. They will be the chance for all people in the camping trip to chat and take part in the games together.  Besides, you can also make a stage with the local singers and the comedic plays so unique and funny.
  • Moreover, the food needs preparing to eat, water need preparing to drink and something else, like: biscuit, candies, fruit, and snacks…
  • Arrange and check your plan for this camping trip before one week, and notify the people in your team in advance about the programs in the trip to be sure that they all know about the events, decide to join and prepare for it. This helps you know exactly who will take part in the camping trip and do the appropriate changes for the trip if necessary. The real program of the camping trip also changes the schedule to be more suitable depending on the situation of the weather, and your team’s health. But, you have to inform to your team at the end of each day.
How about a camping trip on the beach? What experience do you need to have a wonderful picnic?
  • Check thoroughly the weather condition in the place that you want to have the picnic, especially if you are going to be overnight.
  • The place you will camp should be a location with the light wind or moderate wind in the suffering ability of the equipment for camping.
  • In order to prevent your tent from flood when the tide overflows the sand beach, you must know the rules of the wind season and water.
  • The place you select need to have a sand ground hard and high, far away the water surface even when the tide up or down. If you want to measure it, let’s notice to the sand border.
  • That location must be close to the canopy but far away dense places to prevent the mosquitoes as well as other insects from being harmful to the health of members.
  • Use a layer of tent more to prevent the dew or sudden rain.
  • You also need to remember not to direct the main gate of tent toward the main way of winds.
  • Never smoke in the tent.
  • Always close the tent door right after go in or go out.
  • Must not put the sharp, metal items which can make the damages in the sleeping bag, under the blanket or pillow.
  • Wrap the items and device must be avoided the water with the waterproof bags.
  • Bring all the personal drugs, mosquito repellent and lighting equipment.
  • Let’s send money into bank and just hold a small amount along the camping trip.
  • Inform to the nearest local government about your camping location.  Get the phone number of the nearest security agency.
  • You must always bring the bags to contain the trash. Do not throw it right at the beach, especially with the materials that are difficult to decompose.
  • Must not put the lamp using oil too closely to the tent. You can lower or turn off it when not using.
  • Of course, you can leave the tent on the beach when going out of camping area.  But, should carry your belongings out together with you.
  • Should not wear many clothes while sleeping.  And please open all the exhaust doors except the mosquito and insect proofing layer.
  • Contribute a hand in protecting the environment and behave politely according to the culture at that local.
Last but not least, you also pay attention to some below things if you are going to camp abroad:
  • It is the problem of immigration procedure. You should carry your original passport (still be valid for at least 6 months before the departure date) to do immigration procedures at the airport. And you should also know the food that is banned to bring into the country you are going to.
  • One thing more you must know, it is about the luggage. For examples, the weight of hand luggage allowance and checked luggage; the largest amount you are permitted to bring but not to declare to customs; bring the very valuable items; not bring the sharp items like scissors, knives, disks, spoons; weapons, explosives, and other banned materials, and of course, do not buy the similar goods when going home; bring some liquids such as: cosmetics, shampoo, cosmetics,… The luggage should have the lock and is written your name on it.
  • You ought to carry clothes suitable with the weather at the time you go.
  • You should also bring the iron, soap. Besides, you need to bring personal belongings: medicines, electric shaver, and hair dryer … (if necessary).
  • In additions, in order to be active, you should bring the brushes, toothpaste, or comb.
  • You ought to select the type of low shoes, when going camping.


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