Important Steps in Making the Perfect Buying Decision

TETON Sports Outfitter

Camping is the type of outdoor activity combine traveling, so relaxing when you are so close to the nature with beautiful sightseeing.

You know it when you are in middle of the forest or in the desolate places, you need something for you to rest. The camping cot is playing the significant role for your trip.Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

With the popularity nowadays in the market due to increasingly demand from the user, tons of designs and models are out there for your choice. So how to pick the best cot for tent camping is being your headache problem, right?. After this article, you will assure the clearly way as a guideline from the complicated problem.

Besides, camping cot with diversifying models have been used for so many purposes rather than just for camping, they can either use as an extra bed at home or convenience for your sun tan in your own garden.

Moving to the buying decision: The decision is based on several elements such as

  • The location you want to be (depend on where you want to travel and decide to buy what type of tent cot on the purpose).
  • Easy carriage, flexibility setup and remove
  • The materials and more.

Weight & Holding Capacity

  • It is so sure that most of the product you are using is lightweight preferred, so does your camping tent cot.
  • There are so many designs and models offer a different range of weight, the lighter the better, take it as a majority advantage for your trip since it will not put a heavy burden on your shoulder, and easier carry on every moving location during your time.
  • However, the newer models want to make it, even more, comfort for quick recovering, the manufacturers add extra padding to the product. Plus, they also strengthen tent cot’s endurance by using heavy duty materials to ensure your trip would be enjoyable.

When buying a tent cot, you should pay the attention on holding a capacity of each model, because there would be tent cot designed differently for each level, it might be teenagers, adult or younger or older. For example, the adult size tent cot usually comes as 25” x 75” (W x L) when it folded.

Portability and Ease Of Assembly

  • Lightweighting is a major factor influence to your decision process and it is an important element, too. But most of the people think it is an unreliable problem.
  • They assume that the products made from not good materials when it is too light, and easily collapse; then they have to spend more on another heavier or pricey products.
  • You must remember one thing, you are not buying a tent cot for your back yard, you are about to walk and/or hiking or maybe more of it.
  • Imagine you carry a heavy product on your shoulder, walking through an uneven ground through a forest or to the mountain, sure the lightweight tent cot does the best work for you.

As mentioned earlier, tons of models for your purpose, you should take on the model with easy setup and assemble. You do not want you are struggling every time set up and assemble your cot, go with ease task model, it saving your time, easily carriage, storing and transport.

What About Heavier Camp Cots?

Yes, the lightweight is great, it is a priority choice but also depends on the situations and cases. If you are walking you biking, without choices, you have to carry a lightweight to convenience you trip.

But if you traveling by your car, it would be perfect for a heavier cot, you can either put an extra padding for comfort or super duty materials of the product. Normally it comes to the size of 12 pounds as an average weight of heavy type.

Top best tent cot products reviews

If you wish to have specific on the models as a reference, here are the top 8 best tent cot products reviews.

  1. Teton Sports Outfitter XXLTETON Sports Outfitter XXL

  • As its name shows, XXL, the tent cot weight 26 pounds which can carry up to 600 pounds subject on top of it. This is a huge, comfort and secures your trip.
  • Its leg is made from steel to strengthen the capability. With the specialist design, even you maximize the carriage of the tent cot, still, it will not damage your floor, so you don’t really need to worry about it.
  • It is a simple setup, just a few steps in this progress. This tent cot simply every step for quick set up and easy assemble. For example, the frame is already sticking together, all you need to do is take it from the bag then connect two end rails.

There is a problem for this XXL tent cot which is the rail are easily loosened because parts of structure lack of locking support.

  1. Kamp-Rite Economy Cot (Green)Kamp Rite Economy Cot

  • This is a lightweight cot when it is only 8 pounds with the size of 2,7” x 6,8” x 27,9”. This is the finest product for hiking. Easy setup and assembly about 6 minutes (estimating time).
  • When it comes to fully open, the size of it must be 72” long x 24” wide, close enough to standard bed size.
  • The lightweight product is normally suitable for average weight backpackers, so you must clearly consider before buying.
  1. Textsport Deluxe Easy Set UpTexsport Deluxe Folding Camp Cot

This almost an outstanding product when it gathers most of the priority advantages.

  • Weight only 14 pounds
  • Size: 75” x 26” x 16
  • Provide comfort as standard bed
  • Qualify materials 600D polyester which are waterproof and stands in whatever conditions.
  • Capability: 250 pounds with steel leg and aluminum frame support.

Disadvantage: still limited on certain poses.

  1. Vivo (Cot-V01) Military StyleVIVO Portable Fold up Camping Cot

This is quite of can apply to most of the outdoor activity because of the special design and materials. It only weight 12 pounds with 17,6” x 8” x 4,3”.

With the leg of aluminum frame and metal leg, and 600D polyester materials. It is perfectly fit for most of the season condition and the capability is up to 250 pounds. This cot goes higher from the ground that ensures you are safe from the ground.

Disadvantage: carefully check the product before buying, do not base on inflating advertising.

  1. Coleman Trailhead IIColeman Trailhead II Cot

It is about 20 pounds with a dimension of 9,6” x 4” x 8. This is a simple yet comfort tent cot for your relaxation. With the design of X frame leg, it strengthens your cot and makes it wider than usual. Further, it keeps you definitely safe from the ground.

But it would be a little bit struggle at the first time using.

  1. Coleman Converta Suspension CotColeman Converta Suspension Cot

This is flexibility tent when you can either use it as a chair or a bed. It weight 14,1 pounds with the size of 76,3” x 12,8” x 25,2”. This is long enough for taller people as 6 ft. 2 in. It maximum carriage is 200 pounds.

Disadvantage: be careful when adjusting tent cot section.

  1. Forfar Folding Camping BedForfar Folding Camping Bed Portable

This is a design almost close to the one-size-fit-all product, it made from the most define material for coziness and endurance. It weight 16,6 pounds with the size of 70,9” x 27,2” x 14,6”.  It is water resistant also, the capability of it is 260 pounds maximum.

Disadvantage:it is not suitable for taller backpackers.

  1. Therm-A-Rest Luxurylite UltraliteTherm-a-Rest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot

It’s outstanding with a super lightweight model which only 3.1 pounds, and it combines the most convenience factors such as no tools needed to set up and assembly. It is waterproof material, free of a stretch, cover by nylon. Or on the other hand, it fit easily to what type of trip you are planning. However, it is not suitable for taller backpackers.

To sum it up, it depends on the location as long as the area you want to visit, then you determine what type of tent cot fit you best. And of course, you might need to consider at least 4 factors which have been mentioned: size, weight, portable, easy setup and assembly. It does help a lot to your trip and delightful your holiday.



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